Case Study: Window Replacement at Lake Edge Lutheran Church – Monona, WI


We recently completed a project for window replacement at Lake Edge Lutheran Church in Monona, WI. The church was built in the 1950’s adjacent to Lake Monona and serving Madison’s east side neighborhoods including Lake Edge, Eastmorland, and Glendale. The motivation for the project was inefficient, inoperable windows that became a challenge to service over the years. We were tasked with presenting a plan to replace windows with affordable, maintenance-free windows that would last an extended period of time. Our team came up with a detailed replacement plan and completed the project on budget and with respect to a defined timeline.


Large window replacement project Lake Edge Monona

Replacement Window Project Plan

There were a lot of reasons for replacing the windows at Lake Edge Lutheran. There were many issues with the existing windows such as windows that didn’t operate to ventilate, missing locks, extreme energy inefficiencies, cracked glass, rotted wood, lots of chipping paint, and excessive road noise. The windows are in an area that the church rents out to a Charter School, and a contingency of a continued relationship was a reinvestment and update of the space.


Our Window Replacement Solution

Number of windows in project: 21  Restorations Twin Casements with custom interior trim

Window and glass style: Double Pane with Cardinal Low-E

Siding product: LP Vertical Grooved siding with SmartTrim surround finished with Wausau Supply’s Diamond Coat finish.

We replaced the windows with a full frame application and exterior siding components and surrounds included vertical LP Smartside and trim pieces. We replaced the entire interior framing including jamb extensions and finish trim. Our hybrid window sash and frame combination provides a low-maintenance finish solution on both the interior and exterior.


Large Commercial Window Project Experts

At Thebco, we have a separate division which specializes in commercial projects and the different challenges associated with project management. Throughout the years we have completed many high-profile large window projects in the Madison area. We’ve been replacing windows for more than 40 years and our team is committed to customer satisfaction. It takes an extra attention to detail for a large project to complete on time and on budget, but we’re happy to hang our hat on this one.

Here’s a testimonial from the church:

THEBCO completed the replacement window project in the original 62 year old church building on time with beautiful maintenance free windows that were affordable, energy efficient, and easy to operate. From start to finish, the project went very well due to their attention to detail, quality workmanship, and timely follow-up by Steve and his entire staff. “Thank you” THEBCO for your great service and great replacement windows! We made the right choice!


Project Photos

Large window replacement project Lake Edge Monona3

Large window replacement project Lake Edge Monona5

Large window replacement project Lake Edge Monona1

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