7 Ideas to Consider When Replacing Your Windows

What’s forgotten, what’s unimagined, and what’s possible with new replacement windows!

Many times when homeowners come to us they are frustrated by the replacement window process. Whether it’s finding the right contractor, choosing the best window brand for their home, navigating the never-ending special offers and “sales” out there, or just pulling the trigger on the final decision, many people fret over replacing their windows.

But, this should be a fun and creative project. Yes, you read that right: fun and creative window replacement!

Replacing your windows opens a myriad of opportunities to improve the look and functionality of your home. It’s like a mini remodel that can be completed quickly without tearing apart your home. Today we’ll share some of the most commonly forgotten opportunities and what’s possible with replacement windows! Sit back and enjoy the inspiration.

Idea #1: Change Up the Color of Your Windows

Many people seek to only replace their existing windows with a similar style, but remember that this is a great opportunity to change the entire look of your home in one day by simply replacing your windows. Whether you crave a little color or want to enjoy the warm look of wood windows, our design experts can help select a product that coordinates well with your existing finishes, while giving you a fresh, new perspective on windows.

Idea #2: Change Up the Window Opening

While it’s a common question, some people are still fearful to change the window opening of the home to create an entirely new look. At THEBCO, our experience and partnerships in remodeling and architecture allow us to help homeowners renovate an existing opening – turning a window into a patio door, adding a picture window in your living room or window seat below a previous floor-to-ceiling window application.

Idea #3: Consider Special Screen Styles

Oftentimes, the screens can become an afterthought. Don’t miss your opportunity to consider special screen styles that will make your project truly perfect. For example, our OptiView® screen offers a better, cleaner view and our PetScreen® is a durable solution for high traffic openings like patio doors.

Idea #4: Change Up the Window Style

Typically, windows are replaced with a similar style…but many times you can get innovative with a new solution. Don’t just replace your double-hungs with double-hungs or casements with casements, ask our window and door experts about ways to use different window styles to improve the look, functionality, and air flow in your home. A great example is the pesky over-the-sink application – skip the struggle to reach that old double-hung window and replace it with a casement or awning window and enjoy the ease of opening once again!

Idea #5: Don’t Forget to Replace Your Front Door

Your front entry door is all about curb appeal. Many homeowners choose to replace their entry door at the same time as their windows, rolling the cost of the door into their financing package or special offer. You’ll want to show off new windows, but trust us, a new front entryway is a crowd pleaser for sure, especially a Waudena Millwork entry door!

Idea #6: Integrate a Window Shade Solution

From blackout fabric to light-filtering, ivory to denim, the elegant and stylish shade systems on the market today can be a part of your replacement window experience. This takes your project to a new level, improving the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home. When you replace your windows, it’s the perfect time to consider new shade options.

Idea #7: Have Fun Throughout the Process

Our last tip isn’t necessarily about choosing a special feature or product for your home. It’s about the mindset we want you to enjoy while replacing your windows. From exploring our Design Gallery to preparing for the day of installation, it’s our goal to make this process easy for you. Low-pressure salespeople, helpful education, friendly installers, and a company that has a strong reputation for customer service and ongoing warranty support. Those are just a few elements of what we hope you will find at THEBCO. Look at this process like an exciting remodel, and we will help you envision the outcome of what replacement windows can do for your home!

For more tips and tricks, visit our Resource Center or contact our team and schedule an in-home consultation today!

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