Thebco is committed to offering only the highest quality in replacement windows by using the Restorations Innovative Window System.


Whether you are looking for double hung, bay, bow, garden, sliding, or casement windows, our selection of colors and glass choices allow you to get the exact look and quality you want. So many homeowners want to maintain that great look of an original wood window, but fear the maintenance and energy loss associated with them. Up until now vinyl windows had not been designed to capture this great look, but with Restorations we’ve patented our window design, there is nothing else like it. Our double-contoured, narrow-line exterior mainframe provides a striking accent to your home and our mortised locks and wood-style cove trim around the glass create an overall effect of unmistakable elegance. All this helps to provide more visible glass as our window design offers up to a 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows.

Your windows aren’t just for letting air and light in; save time and money while making a positive impact on the environment by switching to energy efficient Restorations Windows.

Beyond the energy savings you can gain with replacement windows, the number of design options we offer gives you the chance to completely revolutionize the look and feel of your home. For instance, you can choose double-hung windows in royal brown with exterior brickmould for added detail. And you can opt to maximize your savings by using one of our high performance low-e glass options.

We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our products and workmanship. Our company has built a reputation for expertly crafting our top-of-the line products, and once you’ve seen the Restorations difference you’ll never look at your windows in the same way again. We have a large variety of window styles that can fit any home and our dealer network can use their years of experience in the field to help you with the design process.

Take a look at our window style options below and click the types you’re interested in learning more about. Each style comes with a variety of design options so be sure to also visit our decorative options page for window enhancements.

We are committed to standing behind our windows, with a lifetime transferable warranty.







Most window manufacturers utilize the same type of insulated glass in all the windows they produce, regardless of whether the windows are installed in the cold north or the hot south.
RESTORATIONS® WINDOWS FEATURE LATITUDE GLASS, A SERIES OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE GLASS SYSTEMS engineered to provide maximum thermal efficiency and comfort in the particular region of the country where you live.
All 0Latitude insulated glass systems are licensed and certified in accordance with the NFRC Certification Program.


Interior Low-E Coatings

Similar to what is used on premium cell phones and tablets, Restoration’s optional Interior Low-E coatings are scratch resistant, long lasting and they reflect your home’s heat back into the room. Superior thermal performance is delivered using argon or krypton filled cavities and innovative glass coatings. This combination outperforms conventional windows to keep your home comfortable at any temperature.


Noise Reduction Glass

The world around us is filled with unwanted sounds, such as barking dogs, loud conversations, lawn mowers, and traffic noise. These sounds can travel into your home through or around windows and doors, disrupting your peace and quiet. Restorations® offers the Noise Reduction Glass (NRG) option that not only provides superior energy performance, but noise reduction as well — at a fraction of the cost of traditional sound abatement options.

Other key factors in sound reduction are air tight construction and proper installation. Restorations® windows have some of the industry’s lowest air infiltration values. Our triple weather-strip barrier provides 50% more weather-stripping than other windows, Eliminating cold drafts and reducing unwanted whistling sounds from poorly sealed windows.
Also, Restorations® offers polyfoam wrap to insulate between the window frame and the existing wall, further reducing drafts and noise; and Restorations® offers Installation training for our products to ensure proper, air-tight installation.


Advanced technology and superior performance

Many window manufacturers share their air infiltration rates, but what do these numbers really mean to a homeowner?
Air infiltration causes drafts and temperature differences within a room, which frequently force homeowners to set the thermostat higher or lower than should be necessary to maintain the desired temperature. If a window has a high air infiltration rate, the harder an HVAC system will need to work to keep the home at a comfortable temperature.
Restorations® windows are engineered to provide some of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry, as well as some of the greatest insulation ratings (R-Factor) to insure maximum efficiency.


Decorative options can enhance the beauty and style of your home. Choosing the optimal low-e for your windows can improve both the comfort and the clarity of your windows. An additional thing to consider is how your decorative options may contribute the performance of you windows. Below is a list of options and how they may affect your window performance.

  • Grids

    Simulated divided lites and internal grids can improve the solar heat gain of your windows by helping to block out more light.

  • Decorative Art Glass

    Decorative art glass in our windows is not filled with argon insulating gas. However, it can offer the insulating benefits of clear triple pane glass.

  • Full Frame Installation

    Having your windows installed with a full frame replacement type install allows you to ensure your windows are properly insulated and the studded opening around your window is checked for structural integrity. By properly insulating around the window, you can reduce sound transfer from the exterior to the interior of your home.

  • SunBlinds®

    Windows with Sunblinds cannot be filled with insulating gas, however, the blinds help block out sunlight and solar heat, improving solar heat gain.


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