All About Black Windows and Doors

White windows have dominated home design for many centuries, and most manufacturers offer their windows in default white straight from the factory. However, over the past few years designers and homeowners are embracing black windows to accentuate the overall dramatic look of homes. This trend complements architectural styles ranging from industrial and farmhouse to sleek and modern.

Black windows may be a big trend now, but they are not new. Warehouses and factories of the 19th century featured black-framed windows, and builders used them to make their high-end projects stand out. The windows may also remind you of the classic European farmhouse look.

Black Windows Materials

Modern black windows come in a variety of materials. Black wooden windows feature painted softwood like pine and spruce. However, fading is a common issue with wooden windows, as is pest infestation. Additionally, these windows demand much upkeep.

Vinyl black windows are energy-efficient, versatile, and do not show scratches. If you covet thin window frames, consider aluminum windows for a sleek interior. However, these windows heat up quickly and retain heat, and you risk burns if you touch them during the day.

Steel black windows complement an industrial-style home but are quite expensive. Another expensive but durable material is fiberglass, which is also thermally conductive.

Benefits of Black Windows

The popularity of black windows can be attributed to:

1. Dramatic Contrast

Black windows create a stunning contrast against light-colored trim and siding. When paired with brightly-colored walls, dark window frames modernize a home with a dramatic look. You can also opt for light-colored countertops and cabinets for a noticeable contrast in your home’s interior. Dark windows complement other black accents like lighting fixtures, furniture frames, and wrought iron stair parts.

2. Enhance Curb Appeal

Black windows add character to your home’s design, and their fantastic appeal attracts potential buyers. For instance, you can complement a black entry door with dark window frames and light-colored siding for a high-end characteristic.

High-quality windows are among the things that buyers look for in a house. In fact, homebuyers are more willing to pay for custom windows made of durable materials like steel and fiberglass. Although black windows tend to be more expensive than white models, they significantly enhance a home’s value.

3. Reduced Need for Window Treatments

Black windows look great uncovered, and some homeowners do away with window treatments when installing dark window frames. Indeed, these windows are meant to be seen, and you don’t have to cover them with heavy window treatments. If you leave the windows undressed, you save a lot as window treatments can be expensive.

If privacy is an issue, install dark windows on the first floor in public spaces and white windows on the second floor for privacy. You can also use roller shades or light drapes to dress your dark windows. Keep in mind that you can choose a different shade for the interior and use black on the exterior.

4. Versatility

Black windows complement different architectural styles, such as industrial and farmhouse styles. You can use them to renovate an old home or install them in a new home. Dark windows are trendy in contemporary homes, thanks to their clean lines and minimalistic look.

Black window frames look great in kitchens, especially if your windows are bigger than average windows. You can do away with dividers and let the large black windows maximize natural light for an airy kitchen and dining space. Large dark windows also enhance the comfort of living rooms, especially if you have lovely natural views. When used in bedrooms, dark windows create Pinterest-worthy and classic views.

Black windows also come in different window types, including crank-out casement, sliding or gliding, and double-hung windows.

Design Tips for Black Windows

Black windows may be a darling of builders, but they don’t work for every house. Some design tips for Restorations Windows from Sunrise Windows to consider are:

  • Black windows suit light-colored exteriors, and you may want to stay clear of dark windows if you have an all-black exterior. Even if you don’t have a dark exterior, black window frames may not be the right choice. For example, white windows may be more suitable for an earthy-toned brick house than dark windows.
  • Leave dark windows uncovered if possible. Dark windows especially look in the evening with the lights on and without coverings. Keep in mind that standard white wood blinds look misplaced on dark windows, and it does not make sense to install the windows in rooms where blinds are often down. You can get drapery or Roman shade for dark windows, but they are pretty expensive.
  • Create consistency with black accents in the interior. If you decide to invest in dark windows, you need a touch of black in other areas of your home. Options include black-framed art, lampshades, countertops, or sofa legs.

Black windows command attention, particularly if you pair them with light-colored siding and trim. Contact us to explore the right windows for your project.

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