Is Shiplap so… 2016?

It was all the craze of 2016 due to a huge popularity of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, and we all fell in love with it.  From stay at home moms, to 10-year old little girls who could not stop watching the show, shiplap was the “go-to” trend for interior design. It adds country feel to a home and makes city living a bit less disconnected from the warmth of the countryside.

Which makes me wonder… it’s so great today, but how will we feel about it in 10 years.

I love you shiplap… but you’re paneling. 

0505ho-oh-jjed2Remember the 70’s wall paneling?  From real wood, for the lucky ones who could afford it, to the faux wood for a more affordable option, 70’s were all about the paneling.  If you were a buyer of a home built in this wonderful era, you know exactly what pain it was to remove or paint.

The surface had to be roughen and primed and you still could see through your wonderful white paint that was pretending to be “drywall with stripes”.

The best option is of course replacement, so why now we have decided to put shiplap all over our walls to cover the drywall up?

I have a feeling shiplap is about to sail away in 2017. 

shiplap_2It’s not the only product of the TV influence on our design.  The Kardashians introduced the black on white on chrome bathrooms, halls, bedrooms and kitchens. The high-end, so called “glam” look, will be going away soon as well.  It’s beautiful and striking… but for all of us who have dogs and kids in a house… we trip over piles of shoes when we enter the home, so keeping these black tile floors sparkly clean is out of our reach. Lack of practicality is what will end the glam trend.

But let’s get back to shiplap.  Painted white, against light gray walls, it was the dream of most of the millennials shopping for a new home this past year.  It’s a backdrop for simple picture frames and your Joanna-like glass flower vases with freshly picked herbs from your own garden…

The truth is, it may be time to put shiplap behind and move into 2017 with a fresh and original look at your home.

When you decorate, it’s worth to remember that less is more… and that is timeless.





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