Clear Up Your View with a Patio Door Replacement

One of the exciting new trends in home building and remodeling is home design that opens the indoors up to beautiful outdoor spaces. After all, who doesn’t want extra space for parties and the convenience of walking out to the barbeque when it’s grill time? Homeowners are increasingly turning to doors and windows to give them options when it comes to merging the outdoors with the indoors. According to a recent survey of nearly 30,000 consumers nationwide conducted by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, more than 70% of buyers expressed interest in accordion kitchen windows or large sliding glass doors.

Big Demand for Big Doors

Moveable glass walls are one solution to this desire for expansive openings in a home. These multi-panel door systems are engineered to either slide open or fold like an accordion, creating extra-wide wall openings that allow a kitchen, living room or dining room to become one with the patio. However, due to high cost, large-span doors can take a big bite out of a home improvement budget. For this reason, they are primarily limited to the upscale and luxury home markets.

Get Creative with Sunrise®

Before you rule out creating a seamless connection between your home and the outside, consider an alternative that will give you the same result for a much smaller investment. Sunrise® offers beautifully-designed two- and three-panel sliding glass doors that can be custom-built up to 12 feet wide, opening up an entire wall – and an entire room – to the outdoors!

White-Mulled-DH-in-Sunroom-with-dog---2003By combining Sunrise windows and doors in a modular way, you can achieve the expansive look you want without breaking the bank. You’ll be amazed at how much larger your home feels thanks to the amount of natural light coming in from a custom-designed window wall.

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