Spring Outdoor Maintenance Tips For Your Windows and Doors

The weather is finally getting warm enough to start working outside on our homes. The winter season can leave your home exterior needing a cleaning and some minor repairs, and spring is a good time to undertake a few small projects to keep your home’s exterior in good shape for another year.

Two of the crucial areas of your home to inspect thoroughly during spring are windows and doors. Well-kept windows and doors are vital for the home’s security, ventilation, and even aesthetics. Winter can be tough on these structures, causing them to operate inefficiently or lose their aesthetic value. The experts at Thebco windows and doors recommend the following spring home maintenance tips to ensure your home’s guard stays up!

1. Inspect your windows and doors thoroughly

A lot can happen to your windows and doors during the past winter or summer seasons. An annual check-up is necessary during spring. Check for both minor and major problems so that you can know what needs fixing or replacement. Some of the common issues you may find with your structures include broken locks, rotten wood, loose weatherstripping, chipped paint, squeaking hinges, clogged door tracks, and more.

2. Clean your windows and doors

You can clean dirty window glass surfaces with water and a cloth or soft sponge to remove dirt particles or other foreign materials that may have accumulated over time. You may add some glass cleaner to the water but make sure it does not have scouring agents. When cleaning your exterior doors, consider their stain or paint finish. It is advisable that you request advice from a professional on the best cleaning products to use on the doors.

Also, clean sliding door tracks and window casings to ensure that the doors and windows close without making noises or jamming on the tracks.

Happy mother and daughter cleaning window with rag and spray bottle together


3. Repair or replace worn out hardware

Inspect all hardware parts of your windows and doors for tight-fitting or wear and tear. Check for loose screws and try to tighten them with a screwdriver. If they are worn out or damaged and need replacements, contact a professional to handle it for you. In addition, check all the moving parts on windows and doors to see if they are well lubricated. All gliding parts should be well lubricated at least once per year to reduce friction and prolong the life of hinges and bearings among others.

Test the door and window locks to see if they are operating seamlessly. Your main exterior door should remain sturdy at all times for security reasons.

4. Repair or replace the weatherstripping

The sealant or caulking on your windows or exterior doors is imperative in keeping these structures watertight and ensuring energy efficiency. Check the weatherstripping to see if it’s broken, loose, damaged or has gaps. If it’s destroyed and requires minor repairs, you can do buy a sealant and handle the repair on your own by following the manufacturer’s instructions or calling the experts at Thebco for advice. But if it’s extensively damaged, have a professional look at it and possibly replace the whole weatherstripping.

5. Install window treatments and coverings

Consider installing window coverings such as blinds, shutters or draperies. They will not only help improve your home’s aesthetics but also boost your energy savings. They help reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Tuning up your home’s windows and doors this summer will go a long way in helping you identify and resolve issues early before they become expensive problems in the future. Contact the professionals at Thebco Windows and Doors today for timely, affordable, and reliable inspections and repair for spring home care!


The spring maintenance checklist for your windows and doors include:

  • Inspecting windows and doors thoroughly
  • Cleaning them and their components
  • Lubricating, repairing or replacing their hardware
  • Fixing or replacing weatherstripping
  • Installing window blinds, shutters or drapes

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